The Parish System of Evangelization Cells (SCPE) is a method of evangelization that operates in small groups that meet weekly in homes.

Every cell is a small and fragile reality of a church that arises from a commitment to evangelization that involves many brothers (formerly far away) who in turn experience God, in the discovery of a relationship of love that embraces them even before their yes , which grows, but which must be divided to multiply.

The Cellula meeting includes several moments: singing and prayer of praise, sharing, teaching, study, notices, intercession prayer.
Each cell is formed on average by 10 people who have done, or want to do, experience the love of Christ and through their testimony infect the members of their Oikos (family, friends, work colleagues, people we meet in our daily life) and is led by a Leader, an adult Christian in the faith, who receives from the Parish Priest the mandate to take care of the brothers who are in the cell and those who will come. The Leader is collaborating in the care of the brothers by the co-leader, a brother of the cell with whom he will share the life of the cell, the animation and the conduct of the meeting.

The Parish System of Evangelization Cells originated in 1987, when Don Piergiorgio Perini, known as Fr PiGi, called forty faithful to share the commitment to transform the parish of Sant'Eustorgio in Milan into an ardent community of faith and dedicated to evangelization. The first Cellula is born, a small group whose members are linked by proximity relations. Soon the experience spread, as if by contagion, first throughout the parish of Sant'Eustorgio and then in many other parishes. On May 29, 2008, the International Service Organization of the Parish System of Evangelization Cells was established, which recognizes Reverend Don Piergiorgio Perini, Founder and President of the Parish System of Evangelization Cells. On April 2, 2009, the Pontifical Council, signed by Mgr. Josef Clemens, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, decrees:
1) The recognition of the International Service Organization of the Parish System of Evangelization, as a structure that aims to enhance,
to develop and spread the parish cell system of evangelization;
2) The approval of the Statute of the aforementioned Body, duly authenticated by the Dicastery 



 Theological foundations

 Decree of approval

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